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Cupcake Liner Flowers Craft Kit
  • Cupcake Liner Flowers Craft Kit

    Feeling crafty? Dreamweavers has come out with craft kits for both kids & adults!
    Keep your hands busy and your mind engaged, spark some creativity and indulge in a new hobby with this craft kit. These easy DIY cards are the perfect way to ring in someone's special day.


    Crafting has never been more convenient! Comes complete with everything you need to create this craft. 


    Giving flowers and bouquets is one of way to shower and show the depth of your love, but they wither within a week's time. Make this beautiful flower craft from cupcake liners which are an easy, beautiful spring craft for kids and even adults - and a craft that’s pretty perfect for Mother’s day!


    These pretty cupcake liner flowers are easy to make and versatile. Not only they make great party décor, it can be a lovely card, a pretty bouquet for any occasion, the perfect thing to brighten up your tablescape for any Spring brunch or dinner, and of course a fun craft to keep the kids busy. You can also use these cupcake liner flowers creations to decorate your home or as heartfelt gifts. Arrange them in a vase or put them in a paper bag and give them as gifts for Housewarming, Valentine's Day, Easter, or any other special occasion.


    These cupcake liner flowers are gifts that truly last a lifetime so don’t spend a bunch on flowers when you can use these ideas to make the most beautiful bouquets that are sure a pretty addition for home décor that last after that special day. Handmade and give this lovely bouquet to your mother and show affection with your heartfelt efforts. With these cupcake liner flowers craft, the blossoms—and your sweet gesture—could last a lifetime.


    Or make this craft kit as a party favor for your kid's birthday party. Let children get creative and explore their innate talents!


    *Please note that this kit is filled with tools and supplies that kids can only work with under careful supervision and possibly some things they cannot work with, appropriate adult supervision and assistance is required.




    1] 30pcs* (L) Red Polk Dots Cupcake Liners

    2] 30pcs* (M) White Cupcake Liners

    3] 30pcs* (S) Chervon Cupcake Liners

    4] 25pcs Brass Paper Fasteners

    5] 20pcs Paper Straws

    6] 4pcs Assorted Ribbons (30” length)

    7] 10pcs A5 Green Paper

    8] 1pc 7g/ml UHU Glue

    9] 2pcs White Paper Bags (100mm x 60mm x 165mm)

    10] *BONUS! 2pcs Pre-Printed Mother’s Day Cards



    - Cupcake liners qty may varies from 2~4pcs due to hand counted.

    - Cupcake liners pattern & colors are subject to change & replace based on availability.

    - Ribbons are subject to change & replace based on availability.

    - Make a total of 20pcs single stalk cupcake liner flowers; OR 1 bouquet of 9-10pcs cupcake liner flowers; OR 15~20pcs of single cupcake liner flowers.

    - For more details, visit our Dream Craft Atelier blog.


    Craft Kit Box Dimension:   (W)23cm x (L)33cm x (H)6cm


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