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Cupcake Liners Flower Bouquet

Ever thought of doing creativity with cupcake liners? Here is an idea that you can use your creative skills to make flowers from cupcake liners.

Cupcake liners come in so many colors, designs, and sizes and their circular shape save us from having to spend hours cutting out circles. The whimsical patterns and vibrant colors of cupcake liners sure lend themselves perfectly to crafting.

Make this beautiful flower craft from cupcake liners which are an easy, beautiful spring craft for kids and even adults - and a craft that’s pretty perfect for Mother’s day!

Go ahead and handmake these flowers to glorify your home décor or impress the woman in your life!

You'll need:

  • Cupcake Liners (assorted)

  • Paper Straws

  • Green Colored Paper

  • Paper Fastener (3/4")

  • Hot glue gun or UHU Glue

  • A pair of Scissors


1] Follow the diagrams below to make cupcake liner flower.

  • Simply fold each cupcake liner into quarter.

  • Then cut out a "Heart" shape at the end.

Or you can trace from the cutting template provided here if you are not confident and need a guide to do so.

Download • 222KB
  • Cut and snip away a small part (*approx. 1~2mm) at the bottom of each cupcake liners.

  • Repeat and set aside after making 5 sets of flowers.

2] Follow the diagram below to make green leaf for each cupcake liner flower.

  • Cut a green colored square paper in size at 10cm x 10cm and fold into quarter.

  • Cut out a leaf shape.

  • Cut and snip away a small part (*approx. 1~2mm) at the bottom of each leaf.

  • Repeat and set aside after making 5pcs of the leaves.

3] Assemble each cupcake liner flowers and a leaf together using paper fasteners.

  • Assemble 5pcs of cupcake liner flowers with 1pc of leaf and assemble together with a paper fastener.

  • Flip over to the back and press down the paper fastener.

  • Set aside 5 complete flowers.

4] Assemble with paper straw and your cupcake liner flower stalk is done!

Tips: You can use plastic straws if you do not have paper straws but do help save our environment and recycle from used ones instead of buying new ones. After trying both paper and plastic straws, we felt paper straws are a better option as not only it's more environmental friendly, it stays in shape better as compared to plastic straws which can be easily bended.

  • Pre-cut all the paper straws at the top on 1 end as show in the diagram.

  • Affix the completed cupcake liner flowers using hot glue gun or UHU glue.

Tips: Personally we would prefer using hot glue gun as it dry faster. However for kids doing this crafty, we would recommend using UHU glue instead which is safer. When using UHU glue, do allow some time for the glue to dry and use binder clips to hold the cupcake liner flowers and the paper straw stem together while awaiting it to dry.

  • Use a paper straw and roll the leaves.

  • Finally just overlap with folds for the cupcake liners and adjust each cupcake liners to form a flower.

And you are done!

These simple cupcake liner flowers are so easy to make and they look so very pretty!


Learn how to make another simpler Carnation flower using small cupcake liners!

  • Fold 4 pieces of small cupcake liners into quarter.

  • Cut and snip away a small part (*approx. 1~2mm) at the bottom of each pc.

  • Stack 4pcs together and secure with paper fastener.

  • Follow steps as shown in "Assembling Stem" to cut and glue paper straw at the back of the cupcake liner carnation flower.

  • Twist and turn at least 3~4 times for each piece of cupcake liner.

And here you have a more simpler version of Carnation flower!

These pretty cupcake liner flowers are easy to make and versatile. Not only they make great party décor, it can be a lovely card, a pretty bouquet for any occasion, the perfect thing to brighten up your tablescape for any Spring brunch or dinner, and of course a fun rainy-day craft to keep the kids busy.

A Pretty Bouquet for the Lovely Woman!

Giving flowers and bouquets is one of way to shower and show the depth of your love, but then they wither within a week's time. With these cupcake liner flowers craft, the blossoms—and your sweet gesture—could last a lifetime.

Give this lovely heartwarming bouquet to your mother and show affection with your heartfelt efforts.

An creative alternative with longer shelf life - these cupcake liner flowers would be perfect as gifts for the upcoming Mother's Day.

You can also use these cupcake liner flowers creations to decorate your home or as heartfelt gifts. Arrange them in a vase or give them as gifts for Housewarming, Valentine's Day, Easter, or any other special occasion.

Decorating the living room with these blooming flowers; arrange them in a vase or make a garland, is sure pleasing to the eyes.

Give this handmade card with colorful cupcake liner flowers to your mother on her special day or to your friends or any family member on birthdays or festivals, and they are surely going to love this creativity.

This cupcake liner flower craft is easy enough for the kids to make and is such a great low mess kids craft.

They look pretty on their own or on a card that is easy for kids to make for Mother’s Day and Teacher's Day!

Cupcake liners come in various patterns and colors that will create different floral theme. Explore and try working on whatever cupcake liners you can find and let your creativity flows.

These cupcake liner flowers are gifts that truly last a lifetime so don’t spend a bunch on flowers when you can use these ideas to make the most beautiful bouquets that are sure a pretty addition for home décor that last after that special day.

Add some whimsy to your wedding with these cupcake liner flowers. Handmade these cupcake liner flowers into wrist corsages - a perfect DIY project for you and your maids.

The creativity in using these cupcake liner flowers are unlimited. It's so versatile and looks pretty sweet no matter how you use them.

Aren’t they so pretty?

This cupcake liner flower craft is perfect for a playdate, in the classroom, or for a fun afternoon!

Have fun turning colorful cupcake liners into pretty paper flowers.

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