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Timeless Tiffany Blue Color Inspiration

Love is found in a little blue box and just the sight of a blue Tiffany & Co box with a white ribbon makes everyone happy.

There is something about this loveliest shade of Turquoise blue that captivates a cult of admirers around the world.

Inspired by the little blue box and the iconic movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", today's color palette is a timeless, classic and elegant affair.

Who can resist this unique, classic shade of blue? This unique blue shade when apply on any special occasion like Wedding, Anniversary and Christmas will take everyone's breath away!

Tiffany blue color on Christmas or Wedding decorations are just beyond stunning! Adding a touch of luxury to the special day and the festive season.

A versatile and fashionable color, Tiffany blue has been very popular in weddings over the last few years. For an classy romantic, vintage theme wedding, or for the more contemporary brides, Tiffany Blue is a timeless addition!

An elegant affair deserves a styled invite that exude modern luxury. This stationery design exude a sense of luxury and class, with the monochrome Turquoise blue color scheme being the star attraction for this invite. This very elegant invitation are made with attention to detail and will set the stage for your event.

The words sleek, classic, and timeless come readily to mind when your guests receive this invitation.

Turquoise blue is best used with white and silver for a sophisticated look. Match with a white or silver satin ribbon bow adds a tactile experience for guests to open up an invite, an finishing touch that we simply love.

For a more luxurious theme, we pair tiffany blue with silver and gold. Tiffany blue and silver is just so classic, if you are planning for your winter wedding, then you cannot miss this wedding invitation.

Tiffany blue is a vivacious color that enlivens any posh party, but just because it looks expensive, doesn’t mean it has to be.

Tins are minimalistic wedding favors that go a long way—just like Tiffany focuses on minimalistic style for ultimate impact! Fill these gorgeous tin box with delicious sweets and mementos!

The perfect gift always comes in a little Blue Box, crowned with a white ribbon. Gets creative and send off your guests with a Apple Trinket/Jewel Case that is bound to make any lady's day.

Give the bride a stylish send off with this gorgeous passport cover in Tiffany Blue color. Perfect for couples jetting off on their dream honeymoon and a most thoughtful gift for overseas guests who travel all the way to attend and celebrate your big day.

Turquoise blue is a cool hue and also lends itself nicely to a winter affair, not only is perfect for an winter wedding, it is also perfect for an festive celebration like Christmas!

While red and green are the traditional Christmas colors that we see every year. If you're trying to up your holiday decoration game this time around, you may want to try out Tiffany blue. Not only this color palette is a great way to stand out, blue and white are also symbolic for winter, which remind us of frozen lakes and snow that will class up your regular holiday look.

Set your dinnerware in Tiffany blue color with white or light grey. Otherwise get your napkins in Tiffany Blue shade if you only have dinnerware in classic white.

Go all out this year and make your entire home revolve around this color scheme. Deck your hall and Christmas tree in Tiffany blue, white and silver.

Christmas is a time for fun and festive celebration and giving, a time to show your heart and light up the world. What better way to express yourself than to personalize your home to your own festive style!

Tiffany blue and silver are glamorous and festive - the perfect inspiration for your winter wedding, your holiday party or decorating your home for the holidays.

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