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Bewitching Bat Napkin Folding

Fall is here and Halloween is getting close! It’s time to start planning table decorations for an terrifying party! Decorate the table with the season's spookiest icons to create a fun, spine-tingling celebration.

Get started and be creative with your Halloween tablescape! Simple DIY Bat napkins make any gathering more special, and can be made by children and adults alike! Make this easy, elevated, and bewitching bat napkin to add some festive Halloween fun on your dining table.

This bewitching Bat napkin folding idea it is definitely perfect for Halloween, Batman Parties, Vampires Parties, Monster High Parties.

These bat napkins are a cinch, and take less than one minute to fold. A simply quick and easy and the best decorations to dress your dinner tablescape for the most terrifying day of the year.

Learn how to fold this Bat Napkin now!


  • Any cloth Napkins in Black color


1. Lay out a Black colored napkin with wrong side up on a flat surface.

2. Fold the napkin in half.

3. Fold the napkin in half again.

4. Turn the napkin so it is pointing down. Fold the bottom up, over the top edge of the napkin about 2 inches overlapping and leaving a small triangle or point at the top.

5. Hold the center point on the bottom edge of the napkin and fold the right side up at a 45° angle to make one bat wing.

6. Repeat on the other side.

7. Smooth the wing with pressure to keep the folds in place or you may use iron.

8. Fold the top middle point down about one inch.

9. Press the middle of the top edge down and gather the center to make the Bat napkin more 3D.

Here's an simplified instruction.


  • Try to keep the folds as even and symmetrical as possible.

  • You may also iron the Bat wing flaps to hold the shape.

  • Use Paper napkin if you do not have cloth napkin.

This Bat napkin is perfect for any Halloween get together!

Make your tables look SPOOKtacular and your Halloween party will be a spooky success! Adding a touch of whimsey to any table and take your elegant or fun table scape to the next level with this wicked awesome Bat napkins!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

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