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Royal Elephant Place Cards

Spice up place settings at your Moroccan, Persian themed wedding or Indian wedding with these Elephant Place Cards.

The presence of elephants in wedding décor makes the atmosphere more spiritual, serene and magnificent. There are innumerable ways to add elephant theme to your overall wedding décor.

A symbolic of power and strength, elephants hold unparalleled auspiciousness in Indian culture and are happily infused element in wedding décor because of their opulent appeal.

Here, we bring you idea that are sure to appeal to your senses and make your wedding tablescape look stunningly beautiful. What can be more welcoming than having these cute elephant place cards greeting your guests!

You'll need:

  1. Coloured card stocks

  2. Tassels

  3. Scissor

  4. Double-sided tape or Glue

  5. Gold marker

Download the free template and print it out.

Download PDF • 127KB


  1. Trace and cut out the elephant template.

2. Write guest's names with Gold marker.

3. Join the end slot using double-sided tape or glue.

4. Curl the elephant's body, neck, ears & trunk to shape using any pen.

5. Shape the elephant to shape as shown.

6. Punch a hole at the tail.

7. Insert the tassel and secure with a loop.

8. And there you go! What a cute and pretty addition on your tablescape to entice your guests before the feasts begin.

These are perfect additions to any exotic wedding, and make a cute momento for your guests to take home as favors too.

Add Indian-inspired mandala design by either print direct on the cardstocks or hand-paint it on to bring some whimsy and a touch of exoticism to entertaining. 

*Bonus: We have include the mandala design on the elephant template! Unleash your creativity and have fun crafting this elephant place cards.

Photo credit @MovingStillsPhotography

Whether elephants play a role in your religion or culture, or you just find them beautiful, there are many ways to incorporate them into your wedding theme.

Gather your wedding entourage and handmade these personalized elegant place cards and add an royal touch to your banquet or reception!

With Deepavali just around the corners, this is a simple and great activity to gather your family and kids together and make these elephant place cards for every one that's coming for the feasts!

Let's get into the spirit of Deepavali!

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Irich Creativestudio
Irich Creativestudio
09 janv.

Good handcrafts

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