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Easy Paper Mandarin Orange Craft for CNY

Planning on decorating your home Chinese New Year? Unleash your creative side with some fun craft for this Chinese New Year!

Grab some papers and try out this easy paper mandarin orange craft to celebrate a roaring good year. This paper craft is fun, creative, and super engaging; and we know that because we tried them ourselves!

We love it when crafts are quick and fun and that’s why this paper mandarin orange craft is one of our favourite this season! Give this a try now!

You'll need:

  • A4 size Orange color papers

  • Green color paper

  • Round Shape Craft Puncher (2" diameter)

  • Glue or double sided tape

  • Brush or chopstick (*To roll the stem)


1. Cut orange papers into strips. Measure the width of each strip based on the diameter of your craft puncher and to leave an space allowance of around 1cm. (For e.g. based on 2" diameter, we cut the strips into 6cm in width.) Then use a craft puncher and start cutting out 24pcs of round shapes and set aside.

2. Fold the sides of each round shape to form a triangle. Repeat Step 2 for all the 24 pcs of round shape papers.

3. Open up the folds of all 24pcs round shapes and set aside.

4. Make the Top first by joining and gluing 6pcs together to form the top and set aside. Repeat this step to make another one for the Bottom. Set aside. (You'll need 2 sets of this to make up the Top and Bottom.)

5. To make the Middle body, join and glue the rest together to form the middle panel strip and set aside. (You'll now have the Top, Middle & Bottom ready.)

6. Join and glue the Top together with the Middle panel strip first. Follow by joining the Bottom together.

7. The orange body is then done. Set aside.

8. To make the stem, start with a piece of green color paper and cut out a square piece at around 5cm x 5cm. Use a brush or a chopstick, place the green paper diagonally and start rolling the paper to form the stem.. Glue or use double sided tape at the end. Set aside.

9. To make the leaf, start with a piece of green color paper and cut into size of 5cm x 3cm. Draw a leaf shape as guide and cut it out. Glue or use double sided tape and attach the leaf to the stem. Set aside..

10. Assemble the stem by slotting it into the hole on the top.

*Roll the ends of the leaf with a brush or chopstick to make a curve.

The Paper Mandarin Orange is done!

Here's a quick guide:


  • The craft puncher used here is 2" diameter and make up a mandarin orange size of around 10cm diameter. You can get the round shape craft puncher from any art & craft shop.

  • You may used any type of craft glue or double-sided tape for this craft. If using craft glue, you will need to let dry for few minutes before gluing the next circle. You may use binder clip to hold both flaps together while drying.

  • If you are unable to get a craft puncher or prefer to make a bigger mandarin orange, use a cap from any can, jar or bottle that you can find in the house. Trace the round shape using the cap and then simply just cut it out will do.

Paper crafting is not something meant only for kids, but it is an art that can be enjoyed by the all. Discover a magical way of turning paper into something amazing that boosts your self-esteem and self-expression of your creativity this Spring festival!

Enjoy and have fun with this easy paper mandarin orange craft and liven up the festive spirits this Chinese New Year!


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