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Pom-Pom Wreath

It's that time of the year...time for Pom Pom Christmas wreaths - the pretty wooly wreath for your door or wall!

We put together a fun, fluffy and family-friendly Pom Pom Wreath that you can easily create with your kids at home!

Step up your home décor game for holidays and special occasions with a cute, yarn pom-pom wreath that suits your style.

There's nothing that can't be adorned or covered in a beautiful fluffy pom pom! You could use whatever size you like, any colour you adore in making it perfect for both grown up bedroom doors as well as little ones. . .and a great deco for the upcoming Christmas Holiday!

Pom pom craft is easy to do, with no prickly pins or stiff metal wire. Dig out the pom-pom maker again to make a wreath as light as the fluffiest snow. Just make pom-poms in a range of sizes, and then glue them onto a wreath foam.

What you'll need:

  1. Craft Foam Wreath

  2. Colored yarns

  3. Pom pom maker (you can get it in craft shop or simply cut the size you desired out from cardboard)

  4. Scissors

  5. Hot glue gun


  1. Make pom poms in different sizes and in your desired colour yarns.

  2. Trim each pom poms to round shape.

  3. Use glue gun and glue each pom poms onto the craft foam wreath.

  4. You can attach ribbons and assorted ornaments like bottle brush trees to decorate.


  • To have a more fluffy and full pom poms, you will need to roll as many times.

  • You can wrap the craft foam wreath with ribbon as base.

Finally, hang this festive creation on any door, surface or room that needs a boost of holiday cheer! Or, pair with bottle brush trees on a bar cart or tablescape, for an inviting focal point at your next Christmas gathering.

This winter pom pom wreath is equally simple and cute. Its cozy vibes are sure to keep your home looking welcoming.

To make the wreath a little more merry for the holidays, add any seasonal accessory and nestle ornaments onto the opening of the wreath, either secure with hot glue or add a ribbon bow at the top.

The color scheme is up to you, so feel free to put your own twist on this project and make your pom-pom wreath in your favorite holiday colors or in any colors that matches special occasions like birthday parties, baby showers and bridal showers.

This pom pom wreath is simply pretty, easy and inexpensive!

Pom pom wreath is simple to make, a versatile and perfect ornament and centerpiece for any any special occasions.

Handmade this pom pom wreath for your wedding reception! Just use matching colored yarns to make the pom poms that best fits your perfect wedding theme.

Be bold and creative! Entice your arriving guests with this sweet pom pom table number that will sure make an unforgettable impression on your big day.

We love things that are fun and whimsical that grownups and little ones can enjoy without it feeling too childish, and this project totally fits the bill. Perfect for the kids to make, and you'll look forward to displaying this fun and festive Christmas craft year after year.

Celebrate the ho-ho-holidays with this festive pom-pom wreath that’s just so merry and pretty!


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