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Origami Christmas Tree Greeting Card

Christmas is around the corner! Sleigh bells ringing, reindeer prancing, and it's that time of the year to send out love, gratitude and appreciation to your loved ones!

Instead of buying those identical greeting cards, why not augment your store-bought Christmas cards with more personal ones? Here's an idea to create your own Origami Christmas Tree, that you can attach to your card, or use them as gift topper.

Warm the hearts and surprise the important people in your life by handmade this greeting cards this festive season!

The spark of joy when finding Christmas cards in their mailboxes will be worth the effort! Give it a try in making this origami Christmas Tree now!

Sitting down, listening to Christmas music while making or writing out cards to your loved ones. Let's take a step back from your phone and bring back this beautiful tradition.

Or you may also opt to grab specially designed cards from our online store.

This Christmas Greeting cards are also available for sales at our online shop and Lazada.

We’ve got you covered no matter how you like to shop. Order Online and ship to you or your gift recipients. Or enjoy a fast and safe pick up in store.

Please note that these files are for personal use only and redistribution or reselling for commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you would like to spread the word about this printable, you are free to do so but (A) must link directly back to this post for download (please do not link directly to the printable download file) and (B) may only use one image from the post. Thank you for your cooperation!


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