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Old School Iced Gem Gift Box

Kaka. White Rabbit Candy. Spectacle Chocolate. Apollo Chocolate Wafer. Bee-bee. Iced Gem Biscuits. Haw Flakes. Confessing our love for these old school childhood snacks reveals our age, or at least puts us in a particular “era”.

They are old-school biscuits we used to or we all used to eat as kids. These old school crunchies are part and parcel of our snack heritage. Love it or hate it, it’s still here and many are finding favours with these retro munchies.

The most nostalgic old-school biscuits of all are these iced gem biscuits...colorful little biscuits with a squirt of icing sugar on top. They certainly bring back fond childhood memories

If you were born in the 80s or 90s, then you’d probably be familiar with things such as ice gem biscuits that are considered iconic nowadays.

It's a trip down memory lane as this Iced Gem Biscuits are a blast from the past!

Throwing a mini party at home to celebrate National Day? On celebrating our National’s Birthday, we have just got to fulfill the nostalgic demands! We have a super cute DIY Iced Gem Biscuits Gift Box Craft for you today.

Aren’t they simply adorable? We can think of so many uses for these Iced Gem Biscuits Gift Boxes – you could use them to celebrate our National's Birthday and packed some old-school Singaporean snacks as goodie bag for your family and guests, you could give a small party gift in these Gift Boxes. You could also use them at weddings for little treats… on and on..

Here are the templates that you can download and use;

You will need some A4 size cardstocks in light brown, pastel pink, pastel green & pastel yellow.

This Iced Gem designed Gift box will give you, your family and guests a major #throwback to the 90s.

So if you feel like taking a trip down memory lane this weekend and reminiscing the good old days, do give this a try.


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