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Moo...Moo...Kow Origami CNY Red Packet

It’s nearly time for the Lunar New Year. It’s a tradition for adults to give children money nestled in bright red envelopes.

Red envelopes or red packets are used to celebrate the Lunar New Year through an act of giving from elders to younger ones.

Red packets are an essential tradition in many Chinese festivals and rituals, as the color red connotes good fortune and abundance, while the act of giving money serves to bless the receiver with bountiful wealth.

Are you ready for a huat-tastic Year of the Ox? We are!

Ushering into the Year of the Ox by handmaking your own red packet this year and make it more meaningful!

This quick origami envelope is a great craft to learn and easy for everyone to make. And you don't need any glue because the folding itself will keep the envelope secure.

You will need:

  • Color Papers (Square)

*Our paper size is 21cm x 21cm, make into approx. size of 15cm x 9cm (Just the envelope, without horns & ears)

  • A pair of Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Pens/Markers


After the basic origami envelope is done, you will now need some decoration:

  • Two eyes

  • Nose

  • Black spots

  • Two ears

  • Two horns

Cut and stick the ears and horns onto the back of the envelope and draw the eyes, nose and black spots!

Your origami red packet envelope is now complete and ready to use!

DIY these Ox-spicious red packet is sure to impress everyone from old to young this Lunar New Year!

Fill it with money, well wishing note or anything else that you want to gift upon this Chinese New Year!

The size we featured here fits a S$10 note perfectly!

The beauty of making your own red packet is not that it's significantly easier than buying them. Making your own is about enjoying the process, injecting a little handmade and thoughtfulness into a tradition we can really get behind.

Break away from the traditional colors and go for sweet pastel shades instead. They look simply lovely and sweet!

Craft and handmade your own Ox-picious red packet this year, and learn more about the symbolism of red packets in Chinese culture and celebrate a happy and prosperous new year to come.

Wishing everyone a bullish year ahead!


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