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Halloween Inspired Corner Bookmarks

This Halloween, think beyond jack-o'-lanterns and explore creativity this spookiest season of the year by starting with these kids-friendly Halloween crafts to get your kids busy and entertained in the spooky, scary, or sweet spirit.

Easy and creative Halloween crafts to keep your little monsters busy.

Throwing an imitate Halloween house party and need an easy projects for kids to make? Or if your kids complaining that they're bored, let them make these adorably spooky DIY bad corner bookmarks!

These little bookmarks are so sweet and really simple, they only take a couple of minutes to make and you can create pretty much any design. These are hyper cute corner bookmarks that can be made in less than 5-minutes with any square piece of paper lying about in the house!

A fun origami project for the little ones that would make lovely party favors too!

Combining the holiday with reading and you get a cute Halloween corner bookmarks, sure to be a hit with your kiddos.

We created four Halloween inspired corner bookmarks; the Vampire, Jack-O-Lantern, Frankenstein and Bat.

To create these bookmarks, all you need are some coloured papers and simple craft supplies such as googly eyes, scissors, black markers and a glue stick or glue dots.

Follow the steps to fold the basic shape of the corner bookmark:

And there you go, a simple and easy origami folding that every kids can follow.

Simply decorate, stick googly eyes and draw with black markers to complete the look.

Tips: If you can't get goodly eyes, use round white sticks that's available in any stationery shop and draw with black markers.

These cute and easy Halloween crafts for kids are great for any occasion!

Fun for kids, preschoolers, or toddlers, these fun ideas will keep them entertained and happy for Halloween! 

Your little monsters will love 'em.


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