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Easter Bunny Origami Envelope

Easter is coming up and it's time to start getting crafty!

Easter acts as an unofficial kickoff to spring. It's when darker, more muted shades give way to brighter, bolder pastels and the weather finally starts to warm.

These cute bunny envelopes are great for Easter, and bunny-lovers, in general. Write your letters or notes and slip straight into the envelope! Perfect for gift cards, too.

We do love adorable and easy paper crafts for kids!

And we love how versatile this simple craft material is.

The best thing about these envelopes, is not just that they are quick and easy and the end results are so pretty and cute!

Let’s get started, everyone!

You'll need:

  • Color and pattern papers in square size

  • A pair of scissors or pen knife & ruler


For A4 size paper cut into square, you will get a 7cm x 10.5cm envelope size.

To get a bigger envelope size, you just need to use a bigger sheet of paper in square size.

Follow the instructions:

And the cutie origami Bunny envelope is done!


Choose papers that are 1 side pattern and the other side in solid plain color, so that the bunny face will be shown after folded. You can get scrapbooking papers from any craft and art supply shop.

Bunnies are cute and adorable. Gift it to your loved ones and flaunt your creativity by making these super easy and cute paper bunny envelope.

Adding more fun by drawing cute bunny faces onto the envelopes. Now who doesn't love receiving these adorable bunny envelopes. We absolutely love it!

There's nothing like spending a day with your inner child getting creative! This Easter craft is also a perfect springtime activity for kids and are a great way to keep them busy while you're at home on holidays, especially if you're stuck inside.

Handmade these bunny origami envelopes and handwritten your heartfelt messages for Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day or anytime when you want to send some love!

Reach for a few basic supplies and get making!


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