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Ahoy Matey! A Nautical Wedding Inspiration

As love set sail…let's tie the knot in a Nautical-Inspired Celebration.

Look to the sea for big-day inspiration. Whether you're getting married near the sea, on the water, or miles inland, put nautical details on your radar. From anchors and buoys to ocean-inspired colorways, these elements will add a timeless touch to your wedding design.

There are so many ways to incorporate sailing motifs and seafaring elements in the chicest of ways. Get inspired by some of our favorite ideas below.

Everyone likes some good navy, stripes, anchors and boating knots, right?

And the best ways to bring this theme to life? Consider choosing navy blue, emerald green, or soft sky blue as the anchor color for your celebration's design. Alternatively, layer in coastal motifs, like boats, buoys, anchors, and stripes, to help achieve that seafaring vibe you're after.

Your nautical accents don't have to feel obvious. In a subtle oceanic hue, can inspire your entire event—thread the shade throughout your party for a touch of maritime influence.

Let these nautical wedding ideas inspire your own waterfront celebration.

Color Palette

Who doesn’t love a wedding by the sea? Weddings set under the sun, at the beach and by the sea evokes sensations of carefree joy. It is a mood that is perfect for weddings. A wedding with a nautical theme is typically relaxed and casual, so choose colors that reflect the sky, the ocean, and the sand like this palette.

Invitation Suite

Add a nautical motif to your stationery, include it on other paper items throughout your wedding day. The ceremony programs, escort cards and menu cards are all opportunities to personalize the dècor.

You can't go wrong when it comes to these quintessential nautical wedding colors. Accent a crisp white stationery suite with navy blue details and motifs like ropes and anchors, for invitations that set the tone for a nautical event.

This wedding aesthetic is filled with rustic chic and yet polished. Whether you're getting married on the beach and want to play up the nautical vibes of your venue, nail it with this Nautical Anchor invitation that is inspired by the sand, sun and sea.

Nautical Escort Cards

Let love set sail with this origami boat place cards by creating a one-of-a-kind escort or place card.

Under-the-Sea Decor

Dress your table with unique elements like sea glass, driftwood, seashells or starfish.

Love Knot

Give your ring bearer the perfect ring pillow to carry down the aisle or the beach to showcase your wedding bands.

This nautical rope ring bearer pillow is made of navy blue velvet fabric and decorated by a gold sailor knot in the center and accented with a gold metal anchor button. Perfect for couple with a nautical themed wedding.

Anchor Table Settings

Warm grey color is the perfect neutral to pair with nautical blue hues like navy and turquoise. Give your dinner tablescape with matching stationery design and adding a nautical flair for your wedding theme.

Unique Table Numbers

Get creative with your table numbers. Decorated with drift woods, it's a fun swap for the typical numerals.

Anchor Centerstage

Don't forget to have fun with your theme! Adding float and lanterns by the bar area or a food bar can go a long way and they can also be staged for fun photo-ops too.

Nautical Charm

Nautical themed wedding favors will enhance the seaside charm of your event. Whether your planning a wedding at the beach or on a sailboat, reel in your guests with a practical, and thematically perfect favor.

Beautiful Scented Sachet party favors or give as fancy functional gifts. An affordable and useful gift that guests can use them as drawer sachets, closets, car, beauty bags, pillow, nightstand and storage bins. Add a touch of pretty presence not to mention they smell divine.

Set sail with these bags! They’re perfect for stashing your beach supplies for a day of sun and fun. Tote bags are essential that almost anyone can appreciate, which makes them a great gift for your bachelorette weekend, bridal shower, or destination wedding!

Whether you're on the East Coast, the West Coast, or somewhere in between, these nautical wedding ideas will bring plenty of seaside charm to your big day.

Nautical wedding style is ideal for couples who love to relax and have a good time — or simply for those who feel most at home with an amazing waterfront view. This wedding aesthetic is both playful and polished. Whether you're getting married on the beach and want to play up the nautical vibes of your venue, or you're landlocked and are searching for ways to bring the ocean to you, nail this look inspired by the sand, sun and sea!

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