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Enter A Whole New World of Wonders

A splendid Arabian Night come to life!

You’re wishing for an exciting and unique theme and want something that will impress and wow guests, with color, intrigue, great food and magical entertainment. We may not have a genie’s lamp to grant you the wish, but we are definitely sure that an Arabian Nights theme ticks all of these boxes and is what you just need for a magical night.

If you look at the beautiful architecture and goods inspired by middle eastern culture, it's not hard to find inspiration in all the corners of the world. And if you love fairytale and into "Happily Ever After", then incorporate Disney's Aladdin theme and dive into a world new world of opulence and magical night.

Jump on your magic carpet and take a ride for a rich, colorful and absolutely stunning Aladdin-themed, Arabian and Moroccan inspired wedding.

A world of mystery and intrigue awaits guests at your Arabian Nights themed party as they step into a tale of a 1001 Nights. Hop on your magic carpet and journey with us into the sizzling heat of an Arabian Nights party theme! Perfect for young or old, Arabian Nights is all about bold colors, flowing fabrics, and a whole lot of shimmering gold.

Here are some ideas that you can spice up a splendid Arabian night!

Bejeweled color scheme

Jewel-toned color contrasts have been the prime feature of an Arabian Night themed décor. A rich color palette that combines deep, jewel-toned colors like purples, fuchsia pinks, and gold will add a magical flair into your party while complimenting with the majestic ambiance.

Fascinating, aristocratic and in a world of its own, this opulent color palette will cast its spell and fill your night with magic.

Intricate detailing

Your invitations will set the tone and vibe for your guests. Bring on the color theme, the sense of exotic Arabian style, and expectation of the good times ahead into your invitations.

Incorporated Arabesque designs and patterns in the wedding stationery suite. Arabian opulence doesn't always need to be loud and for brides who prefer a more classy look, use jeweled colors but soften them in a lighter shade as shown.

The key element of this stationery suite is instead drawn to the intricated Arabesque design cut sleeve in gold metallic cardstock with a personalized monogram. The end result are simply stunning, gorgeous and looks luxury!

Décor Gorgeous

The very term ‘Arabian’ brings to mind the scent of incense, the rich colors of fabrics and a special culture. Arabian Night décor is usually made with color scheme consists of bright tones of red, orange, pink, green, violet, electric blue, gold, and bronze. Fabrics of various textures and prints are mixed together to bring forth a rich multilayered layered effect.

Jeweled tones like rich oranges, deep purples, turquoises, dark yellows, and burgundy set a perfect color palette when paired with gold.

Photo credit@Raymond Phang

Themed materials such as tassels, throw pillows, rustic Moroccan lighting, flying carpet and of course Genie's lamp set the perfect mood.

Add a little more magic to the night, sit your guests with this origami folded genie lamp!

Steer your magic carpet toward an Moroccan-inspired affair with this scroll designed carpet with dripping in jewel tones and gold embellishments like tassels made for royalty.

Giving a more Aladdin-style flair by including lanterns, lamps and keyhole arches.

The keyhole arch motif is easy to integrate into your table decorations, and here we crafted on the table numbers in the shape of the arch as a finishing touch to the centerpieces.

Arabian Nights wedding theme is an excellent choice for couples who love bright colors and excitements.

Photo credit@Raymond Phang

The very ambience of an Arabian night theme is created here with a combination of bright hues silk napkins, menu and intricated carving of the keyhole arches are creative ideas to please your guests.

Spicing up the tablescape with a exotic place card in elephant shape embellished with a gold tassel to level up the grandeur of the event. Visit our craft blog and learn how to DIY this elephant place card.

You have chosen the exotic Arabian Nights theme and are most likely in need of party favors. Think of something fancy and in jeweled tone to bring a bit of Arabian glitz and glamour to your event.

What's best to give a piece of your heartfelt thanks to your guests with these Crystal Paper Weight that are perfectly matching to an jeweled event.

Let the ladies bejeweled with these pretty Bag holders in vibrant red and regal purple colors.

Something simple, like candles, would be a nice reminder of your party for your guests to take with them. Package the votive holder in gift box shaped like the an Arabian signature arches shape can also serve as part of your tablescape.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of an Arabian wedding theme is lanterns. Along with candles, it add a magical and romantic vibe to your wedding.

Photo credit@Raymond Phang

The Arabian Nights party theme is extravagant, lavish and relaxing. A theme full of opulence, glamour but still full of color to wow your guests that adds fun and a festive flare to the entire event with its fairy tale charm and a sense of adventure.

Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, themed event, or any special occasion under the starry sky itself or just the appearance of one, it's a night to remember.

Wishing all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


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