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2pcs/set Scented Cotton Linen Bag Sachets
  • 2pcs/set Scented Cotton Linen Bag Sachets

    Give this scented sachet to those who need a little powdery floral aroma in their life! It is suitable as a small gift, as a calmer, as a mood enhancer, as a fragrance dispenser for the bathroom, bedroom and anyway in the apartment.


    Small cotton scented pouches, are the traditional and perfect way to scent nightstand, dresser, drawers, cupboards, car, suitcase and closets. Place the scented sachets all around the house for a subtle, gentle freshness all year round.


    Including a piece of scenting clay made with porous clay that can absorb essential oils and give off a subtle scent in the surroundings. Drop few drops of your favourite essential oils on the clay once the sachet scents wear off and you can reuse as many times as you want.


    This Scented Sachets are perfect for gift giving. They are ideal for birthday, wedding, bridal, hostess, get well & holiday gifts.


    For bulk order of more than 50s, please contact us directly.



    Including ribbons and thank you tags for self-assembling.


    *Remarks: Thank you tag will be provided in random design and as per availability. Ribbon will be provided in random colour as per availability and will be pre-cut to size.


    • 2 x Mini Sachets Pillow,

    • Material: Cotton & Linen mix, in Pink/Beige colour

    • Scent: Belle Fille (Powdery floral)

    • Each sachet measures 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm

    • Include 1x Heart Shape Clay Diffuser, measures 3.5 cm x 3.5cm

    • Safe and very versatile use all around the house

    • Scented Sachet Fragrances last up to 3-6 months

    • Thank you tag dimension: 4.8cm x 5cm


    *(All measurements are approximate)

    $12.90 Regular Price
    $11.61Sale Price

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