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Squirrel Scented Clay Car Clip
  • Squirrel Scented Clay Car Clip

    Simple to use and ideal for delicate aroma diffusion, this handy scenting clay is the perfect companion for a fresh, well-scented ride. Clip the clay piece to your air vent. Enjoy the beneficial effects of lemongrass essential oil to uplift fatigued minds and energize the body, making driving and trips in the car more pleasant. Give your ride a refresh!

    Create lasting memories of your wedding day or event, by giving your guests this adorable Squirrel Scented Car Freshener.



    • No need to buy new air fresheners. Simply refill the scent by adding essential oils or your favorite perfume onto the reusable clay Squrriel.
    • Non toxic and environmentally friendly. Depending on the situation, the scent may last up to 2 months. 
    • Product consists of a magnetic clip allowing on and off of the defuser for simple portability from car to home and refill scents. Keep your paradise scent with you on the go.

    Dimension: 5cm x 4cm

    Color: White

    Comes with a packaging box