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Witchy Broomstick Place Cards

Pumpkins, bats, witches, broomsticks!! It must mean Halloween is here!

Halloween is a time of the scariest food and parties. Even though party is still not allowed at this time, but doesn't mean we shouldn't make our Halloween party special and memorable at home.

Halloween night makes us all get together for a night of fun and fright.

To make the setting more welcoming and pleasing, you need some Halloween Table decoration inspirations. Look no further, here we show you how you can decorate your Halloween table with this witchy broomstick place cards.

We really liked the way the name was displayed and really liked how they looked standing up, as if they had come to life. This fun craft allows you to incorporate fun festival decorations in every aspect of your spooky feast.

You'll need:

  • Wooden rod or twigs, approximately 6" long

  • 1 package natural reed raffia

  • Glue sticks or double-sided tape

  • Scissors

  • Black craft paper

  • Gold marker


  1. Fold and roll a bundle of raffia reed string about 2.5~3 inches long, approx. 20 times

  2. Insert 1 pc wooden rod or twig on 1 end

  3. Tie 1 end with raffia reed string to secure, tighten along the way

  4. Cut looped raffia reed ends to create bristles

  5. Cut a strip of 1.5cm x 10cm long from black craft paper

  6. Write your guest name on

  7. Roll 1 end of the black paper to the top of the twig, leaving approx. 1cm space from the top

  8. Using a rod or pencil, roll the end to create a wave

These mini brooms are easy to make and add an eerie touch to any Halloween get-together.

Park your guests in the perfect spot with these broomstick place cards, using them in your spooky dinner spread or give to guests as party favors.

Whether you’re having family friends over for Halloween or just want to add something extra special to your dinner table — these witchy broomstick place cards are the simplest and quickest way to add some festive spookiness.

Not only it's a perfect idea for a Halloween setting, it's a great addition for a Harry Potter theme wedding and party as well!

These witch's broomstick place cards are perfect dress-up for a bewitching dinner affair!

Give this easy DIY place card a try this Halloween!

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