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Tutu Kueh Felt Magnet

Kueh Tu Tu (嘟嘟糕) is a unique little pillowy soft steamed rice cake filled with peanut or moist grated coconut.

Tutu Kueh, which is a uniquely Singapore food that was once a very popular snack among Singaporeans back in the 80s.

Inspired by everything on our little red dot and getting into the mood to celebrate the Singapore spirit, we’ve crafted this Singapore-inspired Tutu Kueh Felt Magnets that act up as a cute little favor.

Materials you will need:

1] Green Felt Fabric

2] White Felt Fabric

3] Needle & White Thread

4] Polyester Fiber fill Cotton Stuffing

4] Flat Magnet

5] UHU Glue


1] Prepare the required materials

2] Cut 2 pieces of Round shape at 5cm from white color felt fabric.

Cut 1 piece of Square shape at 6cm from green color felt fabric.

3] Use needle & white thread to sew the sides of the round white felt fabric together. Leave an opening at one end.

4] Stuff with Polyester Fiber fill Cotton Stuffing into the opening.

5] Close the opening by sewing up.

6 &7] Sew the pattern, starting from the center.

8] The completed Tutu Kueh will looked like the one shown here after sewing.

9] Glue the magnet to the green felt and then to Tutu Kueh.

And there you go...don't these Tutu Kueh looks cute!

Give your wedding or any events a touch of our Singapore heritage. These Tutu Kueh felt magnets makes a great sitting/escort cards that your guests will be impress and love to take them home!

These felt Tutu Kuehs are stitched by hand and if you do without the magnet, they'll be a great addition to any pretend play collection when teaching kids about local Singapore snacks too.

These Tutu Kueh Felt Magnets are simply adorable and “Inkuehdible”!

You can now purchase this DIY Craft kit and get it deliver to your home!

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