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Regal Peacock Wedding Invitation Suites

Peacock feathers are truly some of the most beautiful, naturally occurring patterns we have ever come across. Looking at the colors in a peacock feather, you can’t help but gawk in awe of the natural beauty.

Peacock symbolizes beauty, royalty, pride and opulence.

The tones and shades blend seamlessly together to create a kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes. Add real peacock feathers as embellishments to your stationery and you have a true sensory experience that guests won’t soon forget.

Peacock feathers are dramatic and beautiful! The vibrant green, cool turquoise and royal purple are simply jaw-dropping. We love the rich color palette and the delicate, wispy strands of the feathers, this is the very latest sophisticated wedding trend for anyone who likes to make a real statement.

It's often said that you need look no further than Nature for inspiration and that's certainly the case when you look at the perfect colours of a peacock's feathers.

Peacock feathers represent an alluring mystique that translates very well to wedding stationery and decor.

Few wedding color palettes are as colorful and vivacious as peacock. Tastefully spanning the color wheel to incorporate shades of blues, greens, and purples, peacock is a color palette that emanates sophistication.

Exquisite peacock feathers and monograms in stunning, vivid color combinations make this regal wedding invitations nothing short of a sensational, one of a kind statement.

A peacock themed wedding might be just the perfect way to celebrate your love for your partner in a dramatic affair.

Whether you are hosting an ethnic wedding, an Moroccan or Persian inspired wedding, this Regal Peacock wedding stationery suites is sure a head-turner!

The ultimate in style and over the top opulence!

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