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Pom Pom Paper Clip Bookmarks

Are you looking for an easy craft to make for Valentine’s Day? Or are you finding the perfect gift for a bookworm? Jazz up your romance or bookshelves with these fun and colorful pom pom paper clip bookmarks that also make the perfect gift!

Pom poms are crafty and a cool addition to brighten up your day! Handmade this cute pom pom bookmark in fun colors and use it in your favorite books, as a nice gift for a friend or adding a touch of color for your little one's favorite books.

For the brides-to-be, you can handmade and place the Pom pom on your place setting so your guests know where to sit! It’s also a sweet way to let everyone at the table know you are thankful for them.

We love these fluffy balls of fun, they just add so much pretty and color and not to mention they are super easy to make, display and are cost effective too.

Learn how to make this Pom pom paper clip bookmarks for the upcoming Valentine's day, your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party or your kid's birthday party too!

These gorgeous, handmade, pom pom paper clip bookmarks are perfect for using at home or in the office and they make great additions to journals, dairies, scrapbooks, books and much more.

Perfect for anyone who loves being organized or loves reading, they make great gifts.

If you have a pom-pom maker you can use it to create your pom-poms, but all you really need is some yarn and your hands or just cut out a piece from any left over carton boxes. You simply wrap the yarn around, tie it, snip the ends and then trim and shape your pom-pom.

You'll need:

  1. Yarn in your preferred colors

  2. Cardboards OR Pom Pom maker (*You can get from craft shop)

  3. A pair of Scissors

  4. Giant Paper clips (*We're using 75mm long paper clips)


1. Cut a piece of cardboard in your preferred pom pom size or use a pom pom maker.

2. Start by wrapping the yarn around the cardboard rectangle or the pom pom maker, at least 50 times.

3. Once done, cut the yarn and gently slide it off.

4. Cut another piece of yarn approximately 10″ long.

5. Place your wrapped yarn on the 10″ piece of yarn.

6. Tie the 10-inch piece of yarn around the center of your wrapped yarn tightly.

7. End with a tail of yarn, just right for tying onto paperclips.

8. Fluff the pom pom and trim it until you have something that resembles a round shape or heart shape.

9. Then simply tie the pom pom to the paper clip, secure tightly.


  • The more rounds you wrap the yarn, the thicker your pom pom will be.

  • Be careful not to give it too much of a hair cut or your pom pom will be too small.

  • To make a big pom pom, your cardboard should be taller than 2 inches and for a smaller pom pom, less than 2 inches will be sufficient.

Cute for any occasion, these colorful yarn pom poms add a little whimsy and is sure to add a touch of glam to your planner or journal. A fun addition to your office desk that clip your notes or bookmark your place.

Brighten up your bookshelves with balls of colors!

These book marks can be fastened on to a page in your book to mark your place, using the attached paperclip.

It's a great way to use up itty bitty balls of scrap yarn and perfect for summer and school holidays, when books & kids go hand in hand. Be lost in a book without having to worry about losing your page with these bright pom pom bookmarks – the perfect craft project for kids in the school holidays! And is also fabulously fun and easy to make, pretty page stoppers to keep children busy on rainy weekends indoors too!

Be Mine this Valentine's Day!

Trim the pom pom to heart shape for Valentine’s or any special day of the year, these Heart shaped Yarn Pom Pom Bookmarks are a super sweet and fun craft to make and to give.

For the DIY brides-to-be! Highlight your style, set a stunning table and let your guests know where they're sitting with these fun and totally cute pom pom place settings!

You can also hold a craft night with your bridesmaids and have lots of fun DIY-ing this pom pom place card holders before the big day! Add a big stamp of personality across your big day.

Decorate your papers and books with these delightful pom pom paper clips. Great for party decor, invitations, crafting, favors and anything-but-boring office uses.

No time to DIY this for Valentine's Day or it's too much a hassle to roll up tens of pom pom for your wedding?

You can simple order from our online shop and we shall use our extra pair of hands to handmade these pom pom paper clip bookmarks just for you!

Pack contains 4 giant paper clips

Box Pack size: 11cm x 9cm x 4.5cm

Clip size: Length is approximately 75mm

Pom pom diameter 2"

Paper clip size is 75mm

Each paper clip is handmade using a giant paper clip and is secured with very strong glue.

Each set of pom pom paper clips comes packed in our gift box.

Shop the gift of thoughts and handmade with love here.


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