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Pipe-Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments

Make your drinks look even prettier by serving them on these DIY snowflake coasters. These pipe cleaner snowflakes have to be one of the easiest ornaments you can make this holiday season and are perfect for holiday entertaining!

Create these pretty snowflake ornaments out of pipe cleaners to decorate your holiday tree or hang them around the house as winter decorations.

It can also be easily turned into a handmade coaster gift for your guests.

Have some wintery fun creating these simple & fun snowflakes for your Holiday Dinner feast; or hang it up on the Christmas Tree to hype up the festive mood; or simply tied together as a gift topper with the Christmas presents for your loved ones this festive seasons!

Twist and turn some pipe cleaners to make this pretty pipe cleaner snowflake decoration and make them in all your favourite colours.

What you'll need:

  • 4 pipe cleaners (6mm thick)

  • Scissors

  • Ruler


  1. Using a wire cutter or old scissors, cut three 5-inch pieces of pipe cleaner.

  2. Cut another twelve 2 inch pieces. 

  3. Twist 5 inch pieces together at their midpoints to make a six-spoked asterisk.

  4. Fold one 2 inch piece into half, center it at the end of a spoke, and twist 2 rounds onto spoke.

  5. Repeat on remaining 5 spokes. 

Your snowflake is complete!

These snowflake pipe cleaner ornaments are so COOL and they’re really simple to make.

This is such an easy Christmas craft that you can make in less than 5 minutes and a great family get-together DIY crafting fun for the upcoming holiday!

These ornaments look beautiful on the Christmas tree, but they also make a great present topper. Attach them to your presents along with a gift tag and bow as a fun and thoughtful decoration on your Christmas gifts. Adding a little extra touch to presents with a homemade ornament is just so special!

Have fun making these pipe cleaners snowflakes!

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