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Origami Heart Envelope

With Valentine’s Day just days away, are you scratching your head to think of what cool thing you can make for your sweetheart? Well here's an adorable origami heart envelope for you to tuck a little love note into!

Make your own origami heart envelope as a truly beautiful way to say "I Love You". This simple yet elegant paper folded heart envelope is very easy to make, and also pretty and useful at the same time.

The perfect envelope to hold your note in to give to your sweetheart, and also makes a great replacement for valentine cards.

Try folding your Valentines into Origami Hearts this year, for an added DIY touch. All you need are paper and scissors.

An adorable Valentine’s Day Origami project that you can share with your best friend, family and loved ones. Jot down a sweet or romantic hidden message and it’s bound to make them smile.

You'll need:

  • Color papers in A4 size


Follow the steps.

You can make them with any decorative paper you have on hand but it can be a bit tricky to fold if it’s thicker than origami paper. Choose a thin paper that will work best for this origami craft.

And there you go...a specially handmade heart envelope for your heartfelt letter or notes for you beloved!

Add a small note inside the card before closing it, or add some paper heart confetti for a burst of fun.

These paper folded heart envelopes would be perfect to use for any romantic event such as Valentine's day, weddings and more.

Explore using different patterns and color papers to create these pretty heart envelopes for any special occasion or simply have fun for a craft night with friends, and easy for children to handmade for Teacher's day too!

These cute envelopes are perfect for holding a note to give to your friend or family member, or you can turn them into a heart envelope card for people to unfold and discover the message inside.

For brides-to-be, why not handmade these heart origami envelope and insert a heartfelt message for your guests who share your big day.

Personalized these heart origami envelope with your guest's name that also doubled up as place card or seating card not only hype up your wedding tablescapes but will also make your guests feel loved. Thoughtful gesture and handmade gifts will always remind them of your wedding day for many years later.

This simple Origami Heart Envelope will make a sweet little gift by itself or you can make it even sweeter by putting something special inside.

A perfect craft for a Valentine’s Day card, Mother’s Day or for any special occasion!

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