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Origami Dress Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day is an extra-special occasion to shower your mom, grandma, or motherly figure with the best of the best. Skip the store-bought card this year. Instead, add personality and individuality to your Mother's Day by going totally DIY with Mom's card.

Handmade a heartfelt card that lets you spell out everything you love most about your mom or something that lets you puts your crafting skills on display is a nice touch that she is sure to want to keep forever.

Show Mom how much you love her this Mother's Day with this pretty Origami Dress. These origami dresses are quite easy to make and they would be fun creative activity to do with kids over the school holidays.

You just need to have a flower or patterned paper and a little patience to make this pretty mother’s day card. We love patterns and it's so pretty when making this origami dress. You can find origami and scrapbooking papers available at any Art & Craft shops. Or simply choose a light color paper and just paint your mom's favorite dress pattern on or whatever you desired.

You'll need:

  • Square piece of paper (for dress)

  • Color Cardstocks (for greeting card)

  • Double-sided tape (to affix dress onto the card)


  • Paper not thicker than 120gsm is much preferred as the folds will be easier to manage. The paper we used here is 120gsm.

  • We used 15cm x 15cm to make our origami dress that fits a greeting card size of A5 size. The finished folded origami dress length is just approx. 5mm shorter than the original paper size. So used this as a guide to decide the size of the origami dress based on your greeting card size.

  • Depending on the thickness of the paper used for the origami dress, the thicker it is then you need to used a stronger glue in order for the dress to stay in position on the cardstock. We finds double-sided tapes easier to manage this is craft.

  • While no glue or tape is required when folding this origami dress, you can apply some glue or tape at some folds at back of the dress to keep the shape in position if necessary.


Follow the Origami Dress folding instruction below.

And the origami dress is done!

The origami dress is finished and can be used as is. You can decorate by hanging it up in the room as banner or dressing up the table to celebrate Mother's Day. This is also a great DIY craft that you and your girls can make in the school holidays and dress up the bedroom.

Or you can affix it on a card and make a Mother's Day card for every superwoman on your list: mothers, new moms, mothers-in-law, grandmas, aunts, and more.

This Origami Dress Mother's Day card are guaranteed to touch your mom's heart. We are positive the gesture will go a long way in Mom's eyes.

Decorating the dresses is optional, they look adorable and vintage just as they are. Play around and see what you like by adding sequins, ribbons, buttons or little bits of paper lace at the hem or waist line.

Once you are familiar with the folding of this origami dress, you can also explore different dress style like having it sleeveless or adding more pleats. Be creative and try it!

We love how these paper origami dress cards turned out. It's just so very pretty!

Like most paper crafts, this origami dress card is inexpensive to put together and great for a fashion orientated birthday card, wedding wishes or bridal shower card. Using a lace doily and you can actually make a pretty wedding dress!

Let your imagination run wild!


No time to DIY? You can also purchase the handmade card here.

All mothers deserve the best! Let your mum know just how much she means to you with this pretty Origami Dress card lovingly created and handmade by our designers. No matter what she is to you, get the perfect card to show your appreciation for the woman who cares most for you this Mother's Day.

Choose from Chintz, Sundress, Vintage or Polka Dots Origami dress that best suits your Mom!

All cards are handmade, adorned with ribbons and comes with "Happy Mother's Day" greeting printed inside the card.

Put a smile on mom’s face with this pretty Origami Dress cards this Mother's Day!

The perfect Mother's Day card for your mom, grandma, wife, aunt, mother-in-law, sister or even your best friend.


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