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Mother's Day Coloring Card Printable Template

May is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate all the moms out there! Celebrating these lovely women who do their best to make their families feel loved and well cared for day after day, and now it’s your turn to show her how much you care!

Your mom is special—there’s no doubt about that. This year, add one of these adorable, printable Mother's Day card to show Mom just how special she is to you and she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a handmade card.

Free Printable Mothers Day Card to color in- easy for even toddlers and preschoolers! You can quickly print these coloring cards on cardstock, thicker paper or even simple printer paper, and give the child some color pencils or markers to color it, and you’re all set.

Color them in and gift them to all the moms in your life!

You'll need:

  • Cardstocks in A4 size

  • Permanent Markers or Color Pencils

  • A pair of Scissors or Pen knife

The cards template comes in an 8.5 by an 11-inch (A4) format that is easily printable. Manual feed your cardstocks into a laser printer and print out the selected template in 100%. After coloring in, trim off the sides by following the square cropmarks as guide and then fold them into half.


  • Choose cardstocks in light shades otherwise the colors will not be bright and vibrant after coloring in.

  • You can enlarged or reduced and print the template in your desired size or suits your art project, for e.g. as a picture frame, poster, note book cover, gift card & etc. However do note that the smaller size it gets, it will be difficult to color and challenging for kids.

Here are 3 Free template designs that you and each child can choose the page he/she thinks his mom will like best.

This year for Mother’s Day, skip the overwhelming card display and opt for one of these easy, printable Mother's Day cards. You’ll find that they say it all, and maybe even better! Print these for the kids to color or simply enjoy a relaxing evening coloring it in yourself.

Download the free templates and start coloring now!

Download PDF • 248KB
Download PDF • 661B
Download PDF • 239KB

Please note that these files are for personal use only and redistribution or reselling for commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you would like to spread the word about this printable, you are free to do so but (A) must link directly back to this post for download (please do not link directly to the printable download file) and (B) may only use one image from the post. Thank you for your cooperation!


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