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Make sparkly glitter glue art! Stunning easy DIY place card ideas!

Glitter is always a favorite activity with adults and preschoolers because of the “bling” factor. Using Glitter is sparkly and pretty for any projects. However no matter how much we love the look of glitter, we don't love the mess!

We highly recommend using glitter glue pens instead which you can easily find in any art and craft stores in town. These glitter glue pens are truly a godsend for crafters and parents!

With glitter glue, the sparkles are inside the adhesive which means you won't wind up with glitter flecks scattered all over your workstation and all over your home!

Glitter glue is a mess-free alternative to traditional glitter!

There are plenty of ways to get creative with glitter glue, from making a decoration for your home, adding that little sparkle on your tablescape or entertaining young kids with some art & craft work at home.

Today, let's DIY an easy name tag craft idea perfect for any special occasion like Weddings and just in time for the New Year's Eve Party too!

DIY-ing some of your wedding stationary is a great way to add that extra personal touch to your reception tables. Wedding seating cards and place cards, tell your friends and family which table and which seat is theirs, respectively. Of course, you may choose to keep to simple folded name cards. However, if you're looking to get creative and want to impress your guests and give them a memento from your big day, here’s a project that you can do without jeopardizing your big day!

Many weddings incorporated some sparkle into their palette, and we don’t see that trend going anywhere soon.

These sparkly name tag are super-duper easy. You could probably finish them in less than a couple of hours, depending on how many guests you have and then simply just left it to dry.

You'll need:

  • Glitter glue in your theme colors

  • Parchment or baking papers


  1. Type out the names in the typeface your preferred

  2. Set the font size as you desired

  3. Once settled on the typeface and font size, print a copy out

  4. Lay a piece of parchment or baking paper over the printed names.

  5. Use glitter glue and start tracing the letters of the names

  6. Let dry for at least 5-6 hours or till the glue is dry.

  7. Once dried, remove carefully from parchment/tracing paper


  • Choose calligraphy typeface that all letters are joins together.

  • Font size is best to be at between at least 48 to 72pts (*However it also depends on individual typeface as some maybe either smaller or bigger than standards. Do try print it out and see if the size is what you desired.)

  • Usually the glitter glue will easily be removed once dried. However if you do have difficulties removing it, wet the parchment or baking paper at the back, then peel and remove the glitter glue names carefully.

  • Always let your glitter-glue project dry completely, preferably at least for a day or overnight depending how how big is the area.

  • Make the letters as thick as you can so that they’ll still be slightly raised once they’ve dried.

  • Do note that it will be flatten out once the glue dries up and the space/gap in between maybe filled up. Use penknife to trim the letters once it dries.

Don't you just love how sparkly the names looks!

Now why would you ever just take plain cards and write out names and table numbers right? There’s so much more you can do to make them pretty, theme-matching, even sparkly and personalized. Place cards are the perfect item to make yourself, adding some extra creative flair to those essential little cards that tell guests where they’ll be sitting.

However while glitter glue is super easy to use, the effect when dried is flat and not "raised". To test out the best effect of an glittering name tags that we can make, we tried out both glitter glue and using glue gun with glitter glue sticks to compare.

And the verdict...GLITTER GLUE!

Why is it so? While using glue gun with glitter glue sticks does gives you the "raised" letters and thus having more feel & touch, but it's difficult to control especially when we tried to form the names in calligraphy style. Furthermore, the result that turned out from glitter glue sticks does not have the sparkly and glittering effect as compared to using glitter glue.

Using hot glue gun with glitter glue sticks

Glitter glue does not gives you that "raised" effect, it makes up with that sparkly shine that stands out more and thus more outstanding! It's also much easier to manage as compare to using a hot glue gun. And it's super child-friendly too!

Using glittering glue

Wedding place cards are among our favorite finishing touches for a reception.

On the practical side, place cards tell guests where they're sitting, so everyone can easily find their seats and get ready for the wedding banquet. On the pretty side, they give you an opportunity to personalize your reception tables.

Show off your hospitality and decorating skills during your next lavish dinner party with one-of-a-kind name cards.

Place cards flawlessly finish off any tablescape with an endearing personal touch that invites guests to partake in the festivities.

With the holiday festive seasons around the corners, make these sparkly name tag and make it personal for your guests.

Add a ribbon to each name and let your guests bring home a handmade bookmark personalized with their names!

A great holiday craft projects for New Years Eve Party, and for the family to get together and pretty personal touch that your guests will loved!


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