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Illuminating Rosette Napkin Folding

Add something special to an elegant soiree, with a dash of illuminating color on the tablescape like yellow can lift you and your guests' spirits and make everyone more relaxed and happy before they even start their meal.

The art of napkin folding might appear complicated at first glance, but it's actually a really easy way to transform your table when you're entertaining guests.

With just a bit of creativity, and imagination, you'll be able to turn a simple linen napkin into something truly extraordinary. This Rosette napkin fold is super gorgeous and you don't actually have to be a pro to bring them to life.

These lovely origami napkin rosette are perfect for high tea, special occasions and perfect for weddings in particular, yet really simple to make yourself.

Learn how to create this rosette napkins to delight your guests!


1. Prepare a Square napkin (either fabric or paper)

2. Open up the napkin and lay flat

3. Fold into half and form a triangle with about 1~1.5cm gap between the 2 layers

4. Roll from bottom of triangle all the way up

5. Stop at about 5cm from pointed angle down.

6. Turn vertical and start rolling in from 1 end

7. Stop rolling near to the end, leaving about approx. 5cm

8. Insert the tail in as shown

9. Flip the 2 flaps down and turn over

10. Adjust the flaps and it's done!

Tips: For the first few tries, the origami rosette may not look that good. Simply unfold it and give it another go by experiment with the tightness of the folding.

While a cloth napkin is always best suited for any napkin fold, however, some high-quality paper napkins may work just fine and as we tried it out on paper napkins today, the effect is still as gorgeous and beautiful!

This rosette napkin fold is super easy and fast even if you are new to napkin folds, as the technique is really simple. Anyone can origami their way to a napkin masterpiece, no experience needed—or any fancy supplies required.

Today, we chose an illuminating yellow color to highlight how we can applied the 2021 Pantone of Year Color beautifully and hope to enlighten everyone's mood. However, you can use any napkin colors that simply matches your theme and occasion, for e.g. Red for an Valentine's day.

There are many creative ways you can present and set the rosette napkin. You can place the rosette napkins directly on top of the plate or the menu.

Another nice way to present napkins is inside wine glasses or teacups. Great for an outdoor and garden parties, perfect for an spring and summer weddings!

Whether you're hosting a casual Sunday brunch for a few friends, a gathering feast for the whole family or an elaborate banquet for an special occasion like weddings, a perfectly folded napkin can add a special touch at each place setting.

A small detail to make your table settings look unique! Try this today and level up your table settings!

Interested in the menu design as featured, please contact us for more information.

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