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DIY Easter Bunny Place Cards

Easter is coming, and it’s time to think over organizing an Easter lunch or dinner for your friends and family.

Make your guests feel welcomed with these pretty bunny name place cards. Whether you're planning for a Easter Sunday brunch, a sun-soaked birthday bash, a tea party or any other party gathering you’re hosting this Spring, these Bunny place cards helps to set a pretty table and is a chic way to make every guest feel special.

Every great hostess knows that pretty place cards are the cherry on top of a truly beautiful dinner table. They may be small, but they're one of the first things your guests see upon their arrival to your house.

You can make these bunny place cards ahead of time, so you won't have to fuss at the last minute.

Let’s decorate our table in style this spring!

You'll need:

  • 220gsm - 250gsm White Cardstocks in A4 size

  • 15mm Small White Pom Pom

  • Pen knife

  • Ruler

  • Scoring tool

  • UHU Glue or Hot glue gun

  • Pen or marker (*To write names)


  1. Download the free template.

  2. Load the card to your laser printer.

  3. Print the template directly onto your card.

  4. Use a scoring tool, follow the scoring line (dotted) and make a depression.

  5. Use a pen knife, follow the shape of the bunny ears and cut (leaving the area at the scoring line intact).

  6. Then follow the cutting line (straight) and cut out each piece of place cards.

  7. Write your guests' names on the bunny.

  8. Glue the pom pom as tail.

  9. Fold at the center of the card, lift the bunny ears up and you're done!

Download the free template.

Download PDF • 185KB

Here's a summarized instruction guide:

Follow the dotted line, use a scoring tool and score the folding line.

You should see the line as shown below.

Next, use a pen knife and cut along the bunny ears. Leave the area at the scoring line intact.

Then follow the cutting line and cut out the place cards as shown.

Write the guest's name on the bunny using a pen or marker.

Then glue the pom pom onto the card as shown using either UHU glue or a hot glue gun.

Lastly, fold the card along the scoring line and lift the bunny ears up. And your bunny place cards are ready to hop!


  • If you are feeling crafty or creative, you can download and use the cutting template instead and explore with various prints of cardstocks or simply paint and draw as you desired.

These bunny place cards can be put together quickly and will take your Easter tablescape to an Instagram-worthy level.

These can be used for not only Easter time, but any spring or summer lunch and dinner. Lovely for a wedding or baby shower luncheon, and also perfect for any garden theme party.

If there’s one thing that really takes a party to the next level, it’s a place card. It’s always good to have place cards which makes a nice personal touch and elevate your tablescape to another level.

Make it even more special and personalized by leaving a sweet note of gratitude for your family members and friends within their place cards!


Make full use of the free template and make this into a greeting card!

Simply enlarge the template to your desired size that fits into a envelope (*with bunny ear up) and you can turn this easy craft to a personalized and handmade card for your love ones! Perfect for any special occasions and great as an invitation card for an Easter lunch, tea party or a birthday party!

Give your table that little extra something this year by DIY-ing any of these pretty options and set the overall vibe of your Easter brunch, tea party or birthday party!

Please note that these files are for personal use only and redistribution or reselling for commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you would like to spread the word about this printable, you are free to do so but (A) must link directly back to this post for download (please do not link directly to the printable download file) and (B) may only use one image from the post. Thank you for your cooperation!


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