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Origami Christmas Tree Decoration

The holiday season is coming.

Everyone loves decorating the house to look festive at Christmas. Often, simple decorations have the most impact, and making them at home can be a fun family activity for everyone to enjoy before the big day.

Instead of spending more money on last-minute decorations, let's fill our home with more Christmas spirit by making these Origami Christmas trees. These folded paper origami trees make for the perfect Christmas Decorations. They're such a quick and easy project, and they look super charming on a shelf and any holiday table setting.

Make these magical origami Christmas trees with a few folds and snips of some paper. A pretty last minute decorations for your holiday table.

All you need is a piece of paper and scissor. You can use different colors of paper or wrapping papers to make them. This fun craft project is perfect for the whole family to create together and make great decorations for holiday.

Learn how to make an origami Christmas tree and add a little extra festivity to your holiday table with this origami Christmas Tree display.

You'll need:

  1. Colour Papers

  2. Scissors


  • First, make a basic triangle squash fold.

  • Here comes a little more tricky folds!

There you go...what a pretty 3D standing Christmas Tree display for the festive!

If the last few folding gets a little too challenging for you, fret not! Just skip step 19 to 24 and repeat step 18 for all the panels, and you will still get a 3D Fir Tree at the end.

Origami Christmas trees make great centerpieces or mantle decorations.

For a fun Christmas origami display, consider making several trees in different sizes and put them in a row!

Use assorted wrapping papers to make the Christmas Tree in a bigger size! Or personalize it by decorating them with glitter, markers, or self adhesive rhinestones.

Whether you're decorating for the holidays or looking for Christmas origami projects to make, this origami craft is easy to make and they will remind you of the fun you had making them together with friends and family.

A festive and creative Christmas craft that you can use to decorate with for the holidays.

Deck your hall with this pretty and easy to make origami Christmas Tree decorations!


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