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Bunny Napkin Folding

Spring is in sight which means Easter is on its Way! Make your table pop with bunny hops by folding these cute Bunny Napkins!

We love simple, yet fun and elegant tablescapes and pretty napkins make a nice table turn into an attention-grabbing one!

Easter is a great time to celebrate with family and friends and one fun thing about hosting Easter brunch is decorating with the pastels and spring details.

Surprise your family for a “hare-raising” reaction at your Easter brunch by fashioning these cute little bunny napkin folds! Kids of all ages will squeal with excitement when they see this on the plate.

Bunny shaped napkins are a festive detail for the holiday table which only require a few simple folds.

All you need are paper napkins or well-starched square napkins in the color of your choice and then just follow the folding instructions below.


  • These bunny napkin fold is PERFECT for paper napkins.

  • If you are using cloth napkins, use a ribbon and tie at the bottom to help holding it in place. The thicker your napkin the more the need for a ribbon!

Your Easter table will hop to the next level with these whimsical bunny ears made out of everyday napkins.

These cute bunny square napkins will energize any Easter table is perfect for making everyone around the table smile!

If the napkins are too thick and not able to stay and hold on to shape, simply use a ribbon and tie at the bottom that act as bow-tie for the bunny. Opt for crisp white color napkins instead and play with ribbon colors. The finished piece is an upgrade version for a black-tie event that looks pretty and yet formal.

This easy-to-make bunny napkin is great for spring and Easter table decorations, for kids’ parties, and for any parties where you want to add a colorful touch and a bit of fun.

Learning to fold napkins is such an easy way to dress up a table, and pulling an Easter table together with these cute Bunny napkin folds will add just the perfect touch to your tablescape.

While we will not have the big gathering of extended family this year, it is still so important to make Easter special!

Make your table magical for Easter with this adorable and super simple bunny napkin that will absolutely bring your Easter table to the next level of cuteness!


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