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Bloody Messy Lava Cake

Halloween is just around the corner and what's a better way than baking something red and gooey to celebrate the day of the dead!

This recipe is incredibly easy to make. It has this dark maroon outer with layer but once you slice it up, red liquid come oozing out - like blood! Not only is this cake made for Halloween, you can even recycle it for Valentine's Day as well!


2 eggs + 2 yolks

50g granulated sugar

113g chocolate

113g stick butter

7g all purpose flour

*Prepare ramekins by buttering and flouring them so the cake slides out smoothly once baked.


  • 1. Start by melting the chocolate and the butter together either by using the microwave or place into a bowl set over some simmering water.

  • 2. Next, beat the eggs and the sugar until it becomes frothy and light.

  • 3. Pour in the melted chocolate and butter into the egg batter and continue to whisk it until well incorporated. Adjust the color of the batter by adding some red food coloring. Lastly, mix in the flour and continue to whisk until no flour can be seen.

  • 4. Once done, scoop the batter into prepared ramekins - you should be able to make 3 full serving. Bring it to bake at 225 Celsius for roughly 7 - 9 minutes.

  • 5. When the timer hits, remove the cake from the ramekins by slowly running a palette knife around the mould to loosen up the cake. Flip it over onto a clean white plate and the cake should slide out smoothly from the ramekin.

And there you have it, a perfectly baked Red Lava Cake with that center gooey liquid flowing out. Red as blood. Perfect for the occasion.

There's no trick to making this devilishly delectable dessert. Whether you're hosting a Halloween bash or just in a bewitching mood, these sweet and eerie recipes are sure to satisfy and spook up the mood at home as partying is still not allowed!


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