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A Perfect Bow! Napkin Folding

There's no need for your dinner table to look boring.

Impress your friends and family by folding creative napkins to adorn your place settings.

The art of napkin-folding is not rocket science but it does add a touch of class to your table setting! Napkins are an essential part of event décor; they tie together a color theme as well as add texture and interest to a special day.

If you are looking for a way to bring an extra special detail to your New Year's Eve dinner party, try folding napkins into Bow Ties! This bow-tie napkin fold is stylish enough for a formal dinner or any imitate gathering. This is so easy and versatile for any events and occasions, and it's amazing how such a simple touch can transform your table!

A fun way to present your napkins and wow your guests with this Bow Tie Napkin!

Starting with a cloth napkin! We really like the crisp look and formality of a cloth napkin for this, but any napkin and even paper napkins will do!

You'll need:

  • Cloth Napkin

  • 1 inch thick ribbon (color of your choice)

  • Scissors


  • Divide the square napkin to half, fold top panel down and fold bottom panel up to meet at midpoint.

  • Divide napkin into 1/2 again, fold in left and right panels to meet at midpoint.

  • Start from bottom and do an accordion fold in evenly sized panels.

An accordion fold is created by folding back and forth, similar to a Z-fold but has one more fold and forms the letter “M” when viewed from the side.

  • Cut a strip of 1 inch thick ribbon and tie at the the center to secure the folds.

  • Lastly turn over, tidy the folds neatly and dinner will be served!

Bow tie napkins offer a way to give your place settings some oomph!

You can create any place settings you have in mind for the occasion by using any colors you like.

For formal place settings suitable for events like weddings or New Year's Eve, use black napkins with gold or silver ribbon to create elegant bow ties your guests will admire.

A perfect bow on each plate is a fun way to spiff up a plain-Jane napkin.

For casual place settings for birthday, bridal shower parties, use color or pattern napkins with matching ribbons for a preppy and fun look.

We love how we played up the preppy look by using patterns and colors on the napkins to dress up a tablescape. It looks perfect for a Preppy Polo theme for a wedding or any party sets outdoor, in the garden and backyard!

Bow-ties are preppy and cheeky on their own, but these easy-to-do decorative napkins will add the finishing touch to any table.

They look great, hold your cutlery together perfectly and you can even customize them for other events and celebrations throughout the year.

With minimal effort and maximum style, these bow ties make for perfect modern table décor.

Give it a try and dress up your Dinner party to impress your guests!

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