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Hand-made with Love

Wish to express your heartfelt love to someone you love? Try this easy handmade card that you can easily make and Snail mail over to your love ones during this challenging time.

Keep your kids occupied and entertained by engaging them into some art session that turns it into something meaningful and gift it for someone special. This craft is great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teachers' Day and a perfect holiday and weekends activity that both kids and adults will enjoy and that's super easy to make too.

Materials you will need:

- Colored Card Stocks

- Scissor

- Glue


Step 1

Pick a colored card stock and fold the card into half.

Step 2

Place your hand near to the folded edge.

Trace your hand with a pencil.

Cut out the shape of the hand.

*Tips: For ladies and gals, you may like to paint the nails in your favourite colour on the outer layer.

Step 3

Use another colored card stock. Fold the card into half and cut out a square that's about 6cm x 6cm first

Draw a heart shape in half on the card stock.

Cut the heart shape out and when you open up it will be a full heart.

*Tips: Used different colored card stock for both the Hand & the Heart Shape to create contrast and more outstanding.

Step 4

Write your message on the heart.

Step 5

Place the heart shape at the center of the cut out hand.

Align the folded Heart at the center of the hand.

And using either white glue or double sided tape on 2 outer corners of the heart shape, glue the heart shape card onto the Hand Card.

Step 6

And it's Done!

Hope you enjoy DIY-ing this simple cards!


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