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Flame of The Heart!

It's Fall! The coziest season of the year.

While we do not have four seasons in Singapore, but weather is definitely getting more wet and chilling now. And we are heading to the kind of days when you want to throw on a cozy blanket and grab a hot beverage this time of the year.

“As Autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue, two hearts will join to say I Do”

Fall season is packed with warmth and vivid color, like flaming torches lighting the way to winter. When you think about love, what's the first color that comes to your mind. RED! Red is the color of love, passion, and strength and you can never go wrong with a rich red, especially in colder months.

Well, wedding it’s all about celebrating love, then why we don’t add passion to it and make a red wedding? Perfect for bringing a sense of romance and intensity to your big day!

Warm up your nuptials with the these ideas for a Autumn inspired weddings!

Be creative and weave the table number with red color satin ribbon on a white peg board, a table centerpiece is just so dramatic!

Red gives such a passionate mood for the wedding that it cannot hurt to try it. Red goes so well with so many colors but with white, it’s a perfect match!

Love is friendship caught fire; it is quiet, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving.

Warm up your fall wedding with yarn woven menu cards and personalized place card woven with your guest's names. It's something for them to enjoy during the wedding, or a gift to take home – an Autumn memento is a great way to warm your guests' hearts.

A beautifully wrapped gift should definitely not be underestimated! Elevate the wrapping to something very special! Send your guests home with a red bag holder clip specially tied with warm shades of yarn.

To inspire a hearty dose of autumn nostalgia, give treats that appeal to your guests' taste buds with the best sweets the season has to offer, like jars of honey.

Fall weddings tend to be celebrations that give you intimate and homey feelings, coherent with the nostalgia of the season. With the nights starting to draw in and with the crisp air, gather your closest family and friends for a warm and cosy wedding celebration.

This exceptional and atypical wedding theme reflects the newlyweds’ spirit, their passions and their hearts.

Follow us on our journey, our love and our story. We will be blogging about all aspects of our work, art & craft and all things pretty that we love.

You can copy these ideas whether you're marrying in Fall or on Valentine's Day. Weddings are a day about love, and we endorse hearts, flowers, and grand romantic gestures no matter the date.


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