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Wooden Bottle Opener
  • Wooden Bottle Opener

    Say Cheers! Its a celebration and what better way to commemorate that than with a bottle opener.


    These wood bottle openers are so handy. They have two strong magnets on the back so they can be attached to refrigerators, metal coolers, cabinets in the shop, etc. So they are a great decor item and a handy bar tool!


    This beautifully crafted engraved wood bottle opener is completely functional and sure to still be useful to your guests long after your wedding day. Doubles up as a refrigerator magnet, which comes in handy for your guest to quench their thirst at home!



    Size 2.5" diameter and 5/8" thick

    Bottle opener area on the back is 1.25 inch diameter

    Material: Stainless Steel & Wood


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