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Tutti Frutti Felt Coaster Craft Kit
  • Tutti Frutti Felt Coaster Craft Kit

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    Feeling crafty? Dreamweavers has specially currated craft kits to keep you busy! Crafting has never been more convenient! Keep your hands busy and your mind engaged, spark some creativity and indulge in a new hobby with this craft kit. Comes complete with everything you need to create this craft.




    1] 2 pcs Orange Felt Cloth

    2] 2 pcs Green Felt Cloth

    3] 2pcs Yellow Felt Cloth

    4] 2pcs Red Felt Cloth

    5] 1pc Brown Felt Cloth

    6] 4pcs White Felt Cloth

    7] 2pcs Cream Felt Cloth

    8] 1pc Black Felt Cloth

    9] 2pcs 7g/ml UHU Glue

    10] A pair of craft scissors

    11] Printed templates


    Craft Kit Box Dimension:   (W)23cm x (L)33cm x (H)6cm


    *Please note that this kit is filled with tools and supplies that kids can only work with under careful supervision and possibly some things they cannot work with, appropriate adult supervision and assistance is required.


    Designed and crafted in Singapore.

    Made In Singapore.


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