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Tote Bag
  • Tote Bag

    Canvas bags are reusable, with careful use they can last you for many years, and a huge number of designs and the ability to make a custom bag turns this item into part of your style and lifestyle, a cotton bag can reflect not only your desire to take care of the environment, but also your preferences in of life.

    Our canvas bags fold perfectly and take up very little space. You can put it in your usual bag or in the car and it will always be at hand, thereby you will not need to take a package every time in the store, which by the way will help you save your budget.


    Eco-friendly, reusable, and yet fashionable tote bag printed with love leaves design. This is one durable tote bag that you can easily fill with treats or goodies for your guests. Or use it as your everyday bag!


    Personalise it with a name or initials to make it yours alone.




    Size: 24cm x 30cm Shoulder approx 22cm. Fits A4.

    Material: Canvas