Scented Clay Diffuser
  • Scented Clay Diffuser

    Scenting Clays are made with porous clay that can absorb essential oils and give off a subtle scent in the surroundings. They are perfect for enclosed areas that require just a tiny bit of scent freshening.
    Clay diffuser is a great handmade gift or party favor for special occasion such as weddings, baby showers, and birthdays.
    Let this Floral Clay diffuser fill your home, workplace, car, and even your bathroom with a sweet fragrance. Plus,this is the perfect item to make anywhere seem colorful and welcoming.


    Your guests will love this beautiful flower shape scented clay with pleasant scent of fresh. Pretty, scented and romantic. It’s everything a guest wants for a thank you gift!



    Size: 5cm

    Material: Ceramic, Plaster

    Color: White

    Comes with a packaging box