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Memphis COVID Motivational Cards [8pcs]
  • Memphis COVID Motivational Cards [8pcs]

    Rediscover greeting cards and returns to an old tradition to share joy and well-wishes. These physical displays of affection are making a COVID-19-era comeback.


    As the world’s attention focuses on Coronavirus, turn your attention to those close to you. Share support and good wishes to your family and friends by showing them you care and that you’re thinking of them with one of our attractive and touching motivational greeting cards. Whether it's to wish someone well, to pass your thoughts on to a friend, or to share positivity with those who have decided to stow themselves safely away in quarantine, just pick a message that's suitable for your ideas and mail it over.


    This card pack is an ideal way to send a note to those you miss dearly while we social distance. Brighten someone's day with a unique card that let’s your friends and relatives know you're thinking of them and are feeling cared for remotely.



    Set of 8 motivational message cards.

    Standard C6 envelopes included, blank inside.




    • 14.5cm (L) × 10cm (W) folded/closed
    • Metallic White Card Stock

          *Use only Ball point pen for writing on this type of paper and do take note that ink may smudge so allow sufficient drying time.

    • Printed in full color
    • C6 Standard Ivory envelope
    • Blank interior


    *NOTE: Use only ball point pen to write on the card. To use gel pen or any other liquid type of ink pen, please allow time to dry after written.


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