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CHRISTMAS FANTASY Christmas Greeting Card
  • CHRISTMAS FANTASY Christmas Greeting Card

    Christmas is around the corner! It's that time of the year to send some love and appreciation to important people in your life.


    In the midst of your busy schedule, let's not forget it's also the season of giving and saying thank you. Spend some time sitting down, writing out cards to your loved ones.


    Features an elaborate origami Christmas tree complete with decorative star, with accent of Christmas sentiments. Send the merriest of Christmas wishes to all business associates, family and friends.



    2 Color Options: Colourful Christmas

                                       Silver Christmas



               Size:        13.5cm x 18.5cm (Folded)

                                 27.0cm x 18.5cm (Unfolded)

              Material: 250gsm Metallic Majestic Cardstock

              *Advisable to use Ball point pen for writing on this type of paper and do take note that ink may smudge so allow sufficient drying time.



              Size:         19.7cm x 14cm

              Material: Nachi Wove Cream


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