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  • When should I arrange an appointment with Dreamweavers?
    At least 3-4 months prior to wedding date* *During special/peak seasons, we recommend at least 4-5 months in advance
  • Can we collect the blank cards to be printed elsewhere?
    • Yes, you can but we advise that you engage an external printer after collection of these blank cards to ensure accuracy to dimensions • Dreamweavers will not provide couples with printing templates • If you would like to return the blank cards to engage us for printing instead, it will be subjected to the cards’ condition, otherwise there will be additional costs involved
  • What if I have miscalculated & need to print more cards?
    • If production completed, second batch of print will require a minimum quantity of 50pcs for digital printing or 100pcs for Hot-Stamping • If you still have cards unutilized in the package, (eg: 70pcs, printed only 50pcs first batch and balance 20pcs need for reprinting), we will only be charging you for printing cost • Any additional card required from the hotel’s given 70%, will be chargeable at $2.50/pc (before printing & GST) • Do note that the colour for second batch may have a colour variance of 5% – 10% due to paper material and printer’s calilbration
  • Is there a minimum number of cards required for printing?
    • Yes, printing will require a minimum of 50pcs per batch • If print quantity lesser than 50pcs, the charges will be based on minimum charge of $50.00 (before GST) for standard 1 side print
  • What if I have my own design? Can Dreamweavers print for me?
    • Unfortunately, we do not take couple’s existing design to print due to complication of colour and copyrights matter • We can instead, work with you to fully customize the design to match your theme but additional costs involved • Customized cards will be fully borne by your end and the hotel will not be subsidize the cost
  • How should I avoid printing another batch of cards? How should I calculate the number of cards needed?
    • If you are expecting more guests on the actual wedding day, inform the hotel on increase of attendance upon artwork approval. We will adjust the number of entitlement cards once hotel acknowledges the increase • Buffer additional 10% - 20% more cards for printing and purchase additional cards upon artwork approval. Refund will be made at later date based on the final attendance and number of cards entitled.
  • Do we have other selections to choose from the cards?
    • Yes, but some will require additional costs due to those designs are exclusive for other hotels • The designs range from Botanical, Marble, Embossed/Die-Cut to Laser Cut
  • The invitation card design has 2 colours, can I print a mixture?
    • You can, but not advisable as the cards will be printed in separate batches that will result in additional printing and artwork charges • We recommend that you print just 1 color and standardize the distribution so sensitive issues amongst guests will not happen
  • Is there any costs involved between us & Dreamweavers?
    • Yes, there is. You are only provided with “blank” invitation cards, without wedding contents • The printing charges will be borne by your end, based on the printing requirement that you have • Any upgrades or additional services will be chargeable accordingly as well
  • I need 2 sets of invitation cards for 2 receptions/groups. How should I go about it?
    • We can create 2 different artworks for your approval • Both batches must meet a minimum requirement of 50pcs otherwise will be charged based on minimum amount of $50.00 (before GST) per batch • There will be an additional split run + artwork charge of $50.00 (before GST) on top of printing costs • If total print is more than the given 70% entitlement, each additional card will cost $2.50/pc (before printing & GST) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Alternatively, you may print separate insert instead for the smaller group to invite them for the second reception • Inserts will cost $1.50/pc (before GST) onwards depending on the specifications
  • What is the printing lead time?
    The entire process will take up to 5 weeks (Including artwork processing of up to 7 working days and thereafter production process up to 15 working days)
  • If my wedding is less than 2 months away, are you able to expedite printing?
    Yes, we can. We will proceed your order based on 'Express' and have your cards ready within the next 7-10 working days. However, there will be expedition charges involved for 'Express' printing.
  • Can we select any favours, guest books and token boxes from the website?
    • Yes, but some will require additional costs due to those designs are exclusive for other hotels • For favours, you may do 50% upgrade and the other 50% based on hotel’s standard items • Guest Book can be exchanged for marriage advise cards or top up for A3 sized Welcome Signage • Token Box can be upgraded for Rattan Case or Acrylic/Wooden box
  • My guests' attendance is reduced. What happens now?
    • Drop in attendance will result in drop in entitlement for cards and wedding favours • Favours’ quantities will be adjusted for delivery to the hotel according to the latest number of pax • If invitation cards are printed & collected are more than the new entitled numbers, the extras will be chargeable to the couple
  • There is an increase in my guests' attendance. Will the number of cards & favours increase as well?
    • Yes, the number of cards entitled, and favours will increase accordingly • The hotel will keep us updated on the numbers and we will adjust the new entitlement accordingly
  • What is my entitlement in the wedding package?
    • The hotel will usually provide 70% of invitation cards based on the guaranteed attendance. Example: 100pax, entitled to 70pcs of invitation cards • A choice of up to 2 favours to alternate between each guest • 1 piece Token Box • 1 piece Guest Book
  • My wedding is cancelled due to Covid-19. Is there any charges involved?
    Any utilised items will be chargeable accordingly: • If the order is confirmed and submitted for processing, there will be a cancellation charge of $30 (before GST) • If the artwork is processed and sent for your review, there will be a cancellation charge of $80 (before GST) • If the cards have been printed and collected, it will be chargeable to you fully or the hotel’s end will deduct part of your deposit with the hotel
  • With the Covid-19 situation, should I print my cards?
    • We suggest that you confirm the order for artwork processing while awaiting the restrictions to ease • We can put production on-hold if artwork is good to proceed but once production to resume, the printing lead-time will take 15 working days • We recommend that you advise us when is the latest you intend to send out the cards so we can better lay down the timeline for you
  • What if my wedding is postponed due to Covid-19 & cards are printed?
    There are several options to solve this: 1. Reprinting of Invitation cards: the cost for cards & printing will be borne by couples but Dreamweavers will provide 10% discount 2. Request for E-invitation at $80 (before GST) in English template so you can send out the guests. Dreamweavers will allow a complimentary round of change to update the wedding details 3. Opt for printing of postponement inserts at $0.50/pc (no MOQ) to inform guests of new wedding details – best option if cards have not been distributed to guests
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