• Whisk

    Great for mixing batters, beating egg whites - perfect for preparing omelets, whip cream, pancake batter, cake mix and for mixing vinaigrettes and other dressings. A handy kitchen tool.


    Stuck at home? Feeling bored?

    Try your hand at making Dalgona Iced Coffee - the latest trendy drink that is photogenic Instagram-bait. Made with equal parts instant coffee, sugar and water that's whipped to sit atop a glass of milk like a big and foamy hat.


    Whisked away in love!




    • A Good assistant for whisking eggs, icing sugar mixture and melted chocolate fresh cream
    • Sturdy handle provides comfortable and firm grip; stainless steel construction

    • Easy to use, washable and handly


    Dimension: 20cm Long


    Metal Type: Stainless Steel


    Color: Silver


    Comes with packaging box