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Crystal Toasting Flutes (Limited)
  • Crystal Toasting Flutes (Limited)

    This Toasting Flute set it made with crystal and is great as a gift for any special ocassions. Its glossy shine is what you first see when you open the box as it gives your eyes the sparkles.


    The rounded curved base provides a good grip for those holding it and is engraved with two hearts which join together as one that symbolizes unity.


    This beautiful gift is perfect for your special Valentine or even as a wedding gift. The toasting flutes are not affixed and can be used to hold your wedding bands as this feature allows you to adjust the space in between to fit your rings accordingly.


    What's more, rather than displaying this on a high space, it can also be used as a paper weight at your work space so you can always be reminded of the love you have received. 



    • Comes with packaging box
    • Mini Glass Dimension: (H)4.5cm
    • Crystal Base Dimension: (Diameter)6.3cm

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