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Acrylic block frame 2R size.That priceless smile, magical sunset, funny fail.


Photo frames put those moments you’ve captured on display, so you’re surrounded by meaning and memories.


This Acrylic Photo Frame is made of high quality durable acrylic material with excellent high definition dispaly effect. It is also a very nice gift for your family members and friends.


Superior, crystal clear, durable acrylic mask, better preservation of precious photos. your guests will be happily invited to the photo booth with this frame at their place setting.



  • Comprises two (10mm+10mm) thickness Acrylic blocks hold one Single picture or two pictures back to back.
  • 4 pairs of magnets to ensure each corner attached exactly, easy to clean and update the pictures.
  • Dimension: (W) 9.5cm *(D) 1.5cm * (H) 5.5cm

Acrylic Magnetic Frame 2R size (Limited)


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